Young LGBT Iranians, having endured torture and imprisonment by Iran’s clandestine morality police, have escaped their homeland and managed to find temporary refuge with the United Nations Turkey.

Forced to live in small conservative communities, closeted and jobless in an unending limbo, they endure a years-long process of interviews with the hope of resettlement in the west, and with it, the freedom to love without penalty.


The Process

GOLF ALPHA YANKEE, the first film of its kind, provides an intensely intimate look into the lives of many who have suffered human rights abuses as a consequence of being gay in Iran. To achieve this intimacy without endangering any of its subjects, the film never reveals faces or other identifiable features. This also allows for a unique visual and audio language, which becomes increasingly personal throughout the film.

By blending documentary footage with fictionalized dramatizations written by the subjects themselves, GOLF ALPHA YANKEE not only sheds light on their lives as gay refugees, but also exposes the difficulties endured by LGBT people in Iran.

Original music sung by the subjects, and resampled throughout the film, provides an authentic emotional background to the story.

GOLF ALPHA YANKEE is a novel experiment that tells a difficult, important, and never before told story, opening the door to a world unknown in the west.