We successfully made our Kickstarter goal and as a thank you to everyone who joined Golf Alpha Yankee, we had a little something made! WE ARE GOLF ALPHA YANKEE! 

Surprise! New Rewards for the Campaign Finale

We have two exclusive, new, end-of-campaign rewards to tell you about!

Lee Stringer, renowned New York author, has donated 2 new VIP rewards to the Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter Campaign

Back Golf Alpha Yankee with $500 and you can get a signed copy of the audio book of Lee's first memoir, Grand Central Winter, a book this review in the New York Times calls:

The long view of New York’s underbelly, born of pain but delivered with style and heart.
— New York Times Book Review from 1998

Back Golf Alpha Yankee with $1000 and you can have a personal session with Mr. Stringer. Lee will read and critique your writing. You'll be able to send him either a short story or 40 pages of a longer manuscript and get his feedback! 

Author Lee Stringer in New Orleans. (Photo Credit: Tasha French)

Author Lee Stringer in New Orleans. (Photo Credit: Tasha French)

Always a book lover, Lee started trying out his hand at writing at a young age. However, his path to becoming an author was not straight forward.

For 12 years of his adult life, Lee lived in the streets of NYC addicted to crack. One day he found a pencil in a crawl space under Grand Central and from then on the rest is history. In less than a year Lee went from being a homeless crack addict to being an author with a book published in 18 difference languages around the world giving a Keynote speech at the UN during a global forum to eradicate poverty.

I went from being dismally broke and addicted to being able to speak to the world... That to me was an eye opener.
— Lee Stringer

Since then Lee has published two memoirs, Grand Central Winter and Sleepaway School. Most of his work is based off of his life experience and focuses on poverty, drug addiction and homelessness. He also collaborated with Kurt Vonnegut on Like Shaking Hands With God, a book about the intersection between life and writing. Watch their conversation here:

Lee has led a fascinating and diverse life that reflects in his work. He's supported the goals of Golf Alpha Yankee from its inception, and even directed our Kickstarter Pitch Video. When asked about why he got involved in the first place, Lee responded, "Because Rick is one of my favorite people on Earth."

Now, he's giving again and donating these fantastic, VIP rewards. 


Back Golf Alpha Yankee! 





It’s Crunch Time!

The Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter has entered its final week and with less than 2k to go we’re so close! Thank you all so much for getting us this far! We are really making a difference together. 

Our Kickstarter page as of August 11! 

Our Kickstarter page as of August 11! 

You might not know this but after reaching a Kickstarter goal, we're allowed to keep fundraising until the deadline. What does that mean? If we pass 30k before THIS SUNDAY at 11pm NYC time, we could even raise enough money to pay for our WISHLIST.

What's that? Some fantastic opportunities to make the film we all want to see look even better than we ever hoped...

Here are three ways we will use any extra money raised...

1) New follow up footage. Rick would like to visit some of the people in the film two years later to film what's going on now. You could imagine how this will provide much more perspective on being a gay refugee.

Rick filming at the Gay Pride Parade in Istanbul, Turkey in 2012.

Rick filming at the Gay Pride Parade in Istanbul, Turkey in 2012.

2) Interviews with officials from the UN and other organizations. Rick has been offered this opportunity and these interviews would provide an official framework for the film.

The United Nations General Assembly Hall (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The United Nations General Assembly Hall (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

3) Get a celebrity in the film. Rick is currently working with a NY casting director. It's not about fame, of course, but rather about publicity. Imagine how much more exposure we would get with someone like Angelina Jolie or Sean Penn as the narrator. Imagine our film, being taken more seriously in movie theaters around the world, because of that.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

We estimate that each goal will cost about 2k more. And trust us: it's worth the extra effort.

Already a Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter Supporter? Here are some ways to help make sure we meet (and surpass!) our fundraising goal. With 6 days left, THIS IS AN URGENT MATTER!

1) Share our Kickstarter page with the world! The more shares/tweets the merrier!

  • Share our Kickstarter page on Facebook.
Click on the photo to share our page on Facebook!

Click on the photo to share our page on Facebook!

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Hello, World!

Tweet this to the world! 

Tweet this to the world! 

2) Tell your family and friends! Haven’t told your family and friends yet about our documentary? Now’s the time! Give someone a call! Shoot someone a quick email or Facebook message with the link. Let your buddies know YOU NEED THEIR HELP!

Here's the short link: 

3) $1 makes all of the difference. $1 alone may not seem like a big deal, but those little donations add up quickly. If all of our supporters find 5 people to donate $1, that’s more than $1000! 


Craving Good Conversation and a Gourmet Meal?

Pledge $1000 or more to the Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter Campaign and you and a guest are invited to join Director Rick Flynn and the rest of the Golf Alpha Yankee team for a VIP dinner prepared by Chef Ross Mendoza at his new restaurant! 

Chef Ross Mendoza

Chef Ross Mendoza

Chef Mendoza will prepare a delicious gourmet meal just for us in his New York restaurant. While wining and dining you'll have the chance to get to know the team and to speak one on one with Director Rick Flynn. After dinner, there will be a screening of clips from the film followed by a Q&A. The dinner will be held in the Fall BEFORE the film is finished so you'll have the chance to give input into the progress of the film! 

Chef Mendoza is a wonderful chef who was trained by the best of the best. Originally from Long Beach, California, Ross started out his restaurant career by working simultaneously in two kitchens while still working his nine to five job in the financial field. He then attended the Culinary Institute of America and has worked under many notable chefs including the well known Wolfgang Puck.  He helped open ABC Kitchen (and subsequently ABC Cocina) and currently is helping to raise the food scene in Westchester County in Hastings-on-Hudson with the opening of his restaurant Forty°North.

Back Golf Alpha Yankee and join us for a wonderful night of food, and conversation! 

Art Lovers! Check Out This Reward!

I believe in free will. No man should have the right to persecute another person because she or he disagrees with their sexual orientation.
— Alan Aine

Alan is a Haitian American figurative impressionistic artist whose goal is to have art "Everywhere! I would like to have my art on display everywhere; in galleries, homes, schools, libraries, offices, hospitals." He began his art career at the age of 12 and is entirely self taught. His work is mostly inspired by human emotions, particularly attributed to photography, film, music and other media, and is of mixed media. Much of his work is performance oriented-- He even performed at our Kickstarter Extravaganza

Artist Alan Aine performing in Berlin, Germany.

Like what you see? Back the Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter campaign with $1000 or more and you'll become a proud owner of a framed painting by Alan Aine. Back with $2000 or more and he'll come to your house and personally paint a mural on your wall! 


Support Golf Alpha Yankee and give LGBT refugees from Iran a voice! 

PHOTOS: Kickstarter Extravaganza at Camp David

We really had a blast at our Kickstarter Extravaganza at Camp David! If you couldn't make it, check out these awesome photos taken by photographer Allyson Howard! If you were there, check out the photos anyways and relive the night! 

Photo Credit: Allyson Howard


Read more about the night in our other post, "Kickstarter Extravaganza Success!"

Kickstarter Extravaganza Success!

The Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter Extravaganza this past Thursday night at Camp David was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who came and showed their support for LGBT rights, human rights, and the campaign to raise the funds to finish this important film!

The event had over 100 supporters and we raised $1000 which will all be put directly into our Kickstarter campaign. Thanks to DJs Sage Haz and Jesse Langer for the awesome music that kept the party going until 4am!

One of the best parts of the night was Artist Alan Aine's live outdoor painting performance in Camp David’s beautiful outdoor patio One of our supporters won Alan's painting in the raffle.

Crazily enough, David, the owner of the bar actually won the painting first! A guest who’d had to leave early gave him the raffle tickets and all night he joked that he would win something. What are the odds of that? He generously donated the painting back though so that it could go to one of the party's guests.


The night was not all fun and games though, and as with any event about injustice and human rights abuses, there were serious moments. We screened the trailer which is always an emotional experience. For many supporters it was their first time watching it.  Director Rick Flynn then spoke to the crowd about his motivation behind the making the documentary. He reminded us that while we it was joyous night and we were celebrating love and equality, we also had to remember that many live in constant fear of torture, imprisonment, and death because of who they love, and that by supporting Golf Alpha Yankee, we are supporting change.


All in all it was a great night! We are so grateful to everyone who helped make the event a success!


Spread the word.











Vamp Up Your Beauty Routine!

Back the Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter Campaign and Eddie will give you a skincare and cosmetic consultation!

I grew up with freedom on my side, loving many and often. I was overcome with emotion when I saw the trailer for Golf Alpha Yankee and I knew I had to be part of it.
— Eddie Hernandez
Global Makeup Artist Eddie Hernandez.

Global Makeup Artist Eddie Hernandez.

Eddie Hernandez is a global makeup artist whose work with luxury skincare and cosmetics companies has brought him around the world. He's donating professional skincare and cosmetic "pick me up" consultations to the Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter campaign to teach backers how to maximize the use of their cosmetics with minimal effort. 

Throughout his career Eddie's worked in the USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Tokyo, London and Canada. His work has been featured in Vogue UK, ElleTV Japan, Marie Claire Korea and more.

Back the Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter today! 

Have a Sweet Tooth?

Back Golf Alpha Yankee's Kickstarter and you could receive a batch of Amy Watkins' delicious homemade baked goods!

The Golf Alpha Yankee team snacking on the Limited Addition Golf Alpha Yankee Crumble Bar Cookie!

The Golf Alpha Yankee team snacking on the Limited Addition Golf Alpha Yankee Crumble Bar Cookie!

Amy is a school psychologist by day and a baker extraordinaire by night. She fell in love with baking at an early age and one of her favorite childhood memories is baking twelve different kinds of cookies every year for Christmas with her mom. After graduating from college she took her baking to a new level and began creating interesting experimental recipes and selling them in small batches. 

After watching some of the footage for Golf Alpha Yankee, Amy knew she wanted to contribute in her own way to getting the message out about the hardships that LGBT people from Iran face! Check out these delicious creations :)

The Limited Edition Golf Alpha Yankee Crumble Bar Cookie:

Amy designed this premium recipe specifically for Golf Alpha Yankee. She wanted a cookie to symbolize the escape of oppressed LGBT Iranians to freedom in the west, so she combines traditional ingredients from Iran, like pistachios, apricots, and saffron, with a modern American favorite, the bar cookie.

The Golf Alpha Yankee Heart:

Amy's own secret sugar cookie recipe, baked in the shape of a heart, symbolizing the love that causes struggle for LGBT people in Iran, and sprinkled with rainbow sugar as a proud display of support.

Support Golf Alpha Yankee and satisfy your sweet tooth with Amy's delicious cookies!

Golf Alpha Yankee on the HuffPost Live World Brief!

This morning Rick was interviewed about Golf Alpha Yankee by Caroline Modarressy- Tehrani on the HuffPost Live World Brief! Caroline and Rick were also joined by "Reza", one of the protagonists in the film, through Skype.

Watch the interview and hear first hand about "Reza's" experiences in Iran as a gay man and also about Rick's inspiration for working on Golf Alpha Yankee in the first place! 

Are you just as horrified as we are at what "Reza" went through in Iran just because he's a gay man? Support the Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter and you'll help "Reza" and others like him tell their stories so we can end the injustice and discrimination against LGBT people in Iran. 

Making a Trip to Berlin in the Near Future?

Support the Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter!

If you back the Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter Campaign with $1000 or more you'll receive a personalized half day tour of Berlin for you and up to 5 friends! This awesome tour is led by Berlin native and Golf Alpha Yankee team member Sebastian Gillwald!

Sebastian at Berlin Pride 2014! 

Sebastian at Berlin Pride 2014! 

Berlin is without a doubt the gay capital of Germany. Even the Mayor, who has been in office for 13 years and counting, is gay! Locations on the tour include the Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism, the Schwules Museum (The Gay Museum)  as well as other important places around the city for the LGBT community and their struggle against discrimination.

I am contributing to Golf Alpha Yankee because I think it is a very important story. For a lot of people (and I am not excluding me here) - growing up in a western liberal society - gay rights almost seem to be a normal thing. We forgot that not long ago homosexuals had to fight for the rights we nowadays enjoy and that even today in a lot of countries there is massive discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation. To make that public and tell the story of these people fighting to live a good and self-determined life is so important. Golf Alpha Yankee does that - that is why it is important to support it.
— Sebastian

Some other potential hot spots on the tour are:  

The gay haven Schöneberg, gentrified and green-pretty Prenzlauer Berg, tourist hotspot Mitte, student filled and alternative Friedrichshain, bohemian, Turkish and trendy Kreuzberg and the hip, arty and a bit rough Neukölln.

 Support the Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter and experience Berlin the G.A.Y. way! 


Sick of Your Current Hairdo?

Support our Kickstarter!

Jessica "Ruby" Whalen is an awesome hair stylist from Fringe SalonIf you back the Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter campaign with $300 she'll give you a gorgeous haircut! If you back with $500 she'll cut AND color your hair! 

Jessica Ruby and her awesome pink hair!

Jessica Ruby and her awesome pink hair!

I am in full support of Rick’s documentary because I think everyone should have equal rights and not be afraid to come out as who they really are. Please support this project and I will give you a amazing makeover!
— Jessica Ruby

Jessica Ruby has being styling New York's most stylish for over a decade and her clients have included celebrity musicians and artists from all over the world. She loves making people look and feel amazing! Hair is her passion, she even has an at-home salon area in her beautiful apartment in Brooklyn! 

Support the Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter and get your hair done by Jessica Ruby!

It's Here!

The Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter Campaign is live!

It's a big day for the Golf Alpha Yankee team, especially for Director Rick Flynn who's been hard at work on this film for more than 2 years now!  Between researching, filming, and more recently planning for this Kickstarter, the majority of his time is devoted to exposing human rights abuses against LGBT people from Iran. 

We're already at 25% of our goal and it's been only 48 hours! 

We're already at 25% of our goal and it's been only 48 hours! 


Help us spread the word and get the message out about this issue! Click here to back Golf Alpha Yankee on Kickstarter! 

Let's crowdfund!