And So It Continues

Rick is officially back in NYC! Despite the culture shock and jetlag that comes with moving back after living in Berlin for almost four years, he’s already hard at work on growing the Golf Alpha Yankee team and putting together the upcoming crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds we need to finish the film and get it out into the world.


Meet some of the newest members to the Golf Alpha Yankee team who were in the office today for a brainstorming session:


Sabrina- Postproduction Assistant

Sabrina is a native of the Bronx and a recent graduate of Lasalle University where she studied Communications, Mass Media and Journalism with a minor in film studies. She’s an equal rights activist who in her spare time enjoys watching vine videos and swimming.


Jorge- Editing Assistant

Jorge grew up in New York City and attended Brooklyn College where he studied film. During his career as a freelance editor he’s worked on short narrative films and documentaries. Instead of drinking coffee to get through a long day of work editing, he channels his inner child and sticks to chocolate milk.

Clarissa- Postproduction Assistant

Clarissa holds a B.A. from Tufts University in International Literary and Visual Studies, and Spanish. After spending much of the past year working as a photojournalist on a story about LGBTI rights in South Africa she felt that Golf Alpha Yankee would be a great transition into the world of documentary filmmaking.

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