Making a Trip to Berlin in the Near Future?

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If you back the Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter Campaign with $1000 or more you'll receive a personalized half day tour of Berlin for you and up to 5 friends! This awesome tour is led by Berlin native and Golf Alpha Yankee team member Sebastian Gillwald!

Sebastian at Berlin Pride 2014! 

Sebastian at Berlin Pride 2014! 

Berlin is without a doubt the gay capital of Germany. Even the Mayor, who has been in office for 13 years and counting, is gay! Locations on the tour include the Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism, the Schwules Museum (The Gay Museum)  as well as other important places around the city for the LGBT community and their struggle against discrimination.

I am contributing to Golf Alpha Yankee because I think it is a very important story. For a lot of people (and I am not excluding me here) - growing up in a western liberal society - gay rights almost seem to be a normal thing. We forgot that not long ago homosexuals had to fight for the rights we nowadays enjoy and that even today in a lot of countries there is massive discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation. To make that public and tell the story of these people fighting to live a good and self-determined life is so important. Golf Alpha Yankee does that - that is why it is important to support it.
— Sebastian

Some other potential hot spots on the tour are:  

The gay haven Schöneberg, gentrified and green-pretty Prenzlauer Berg, tourist hotspot Mitte, student filled and alternative Friedrichshain, bohemian, Turkish and trendy Kreuzberg and the hip, arty and a bit rough Neukölln.

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