Surprise! New Rewards for the Campaign Finale

We have two exclusive, new, end-of-campaign rewards to tell you about!

Lee Stringer, renowned New York author, has donated 2 new VIP rewards to the Golf Alpha Yankee Kickstarter Campaign

Back Golf Alpha Yankee with $500 and you can get a signed copy of the audio book of Lee's first memoir, Grand Central Winter, a book this review in the New York Times calls:

The long view of New York’s underbelly, born of pain but delivered with style and heart.
— New York Times Book Review from 1998

Back Golf Alpha Yankee with $1000 and you can have a personal session with Mr. Stringer. Lee will read and critique your writing. You'll be able to send him either a short story or 40 pages of a longer manuscript and get his feedback! 

Author Lee Stringer in New Orleans. (Photo Credit: Tasha French)

Author Lee Stringer in New Orleans. (Photo Credit: Tasha French)

Always a book lover, Lee started trying out his hand at writing at a young age. However, his path to becoming an author was not straight forward.

For 12 years of his adult life, Lee lived in the streets of NYC addicted to crack. One day he found a pencil in a crawl space under Grand Central and from then on the rest is history. In less than a year Lee went from being a homeless crack addict to being an author with a book published in 18 difference languages around the world giving a Keynote speech at the UN during a global forum to eradicate poverty.

I went from being dismally broke and addicted to being able to speak to the world... That to me was an eye opener.
— Lee Stringer

Since then Lee has published two memoirs, Grand Central Winter and Sleepaway School. Most of his work is based off of his life experience and focuses on poverty, drug addiction and homelessness. He also collaborated with Kurt Vonnegut on Like Shaking Hands With God, a book about the intersection between life and writing. Watch their conversation here:

Lee has led a fascinating and diverse life that reflects in his work. He's supported the goals of Golf Alpha Yankee from its inception, and even directed our Kickstarter Pitch Video. When asked about why he got involved in the first place, Lee responded, "Because Rick is one of my favorite people on Earth."

Now, he's giving again and donating these fantastic, VIP rewards. 


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