Arsham Parsi and the IRQR

Yesterday we tweeted an article published online by the Washington Blade called "Iran a Paradox for LGBT's" written by Michael K. Lavers. Arsham Parsi, the subject of the article, is an Iranian LGBT activist who founded the organization the Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees. Parsi's experiences as an LGBT refugee from Iran who escaped to Turkey and then applied for asylum is similar to the experiences of many of the subjects in our film.  

We were excited when we saw it because Rick has been in touch with Parsi since he first began his research in Turkey for Golf Alpha Yankee years ago! It's great to see other people working to expose the issues that LGBT refugees from Iran face while seeking asylum in the US and Canada. 

The Research Institute Without Walls

Earlier today Rick met with Ariel Shidlo, PhD, psychologist and co-director of The Research Institute Without Walls to discuss Golf Alpha Yankee and its goal to expose the issues that Iranian LGBT asylum seekers face.

Dr. Shidlo's book on the harmful impact of sexual conversion therapy.

Dr. Shidlo's book on the harmful impact of sexual conversion therapy.

The Research Institute Without Walls is an organization that combines human rights, mental health, and LGBT rights. Part of their mission centers on educating asylum judges about the intricacies of LGBT asylum seekers from places such as Iraq, Syria and Iran.

Research Institute Without Walls (RIWW) is the only NGO in the world whose focus is training and research on the mental health needs of persons who face persecution based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It facilitates international and collaborative research and training on LGBTI mental health.RIWW’s community-based research brings together researchers, activists, attorneys, social workers, caseworkers, and clinicians who are interested in documenting the human rights, mental health needs, and resilience of persons around the world with minority SOGI.

Thank you Dr. Shidlo for your advice and enthusiasm for our film! We're proud to support the efforts of RIWW and look forward to fighting alongside you for the rights of LGBT people from Iran and everywhere! 



Pitch Video Night!

Tonight we are filming our pitch video for our upcoming crowdfunding campaign!


At this moment the Director of Golf Alpha Yankee, Rick Flynn, is sitting under hot lights in front of a camera being interviewed about why he chose to film Golf Alpha Yankee and why he's passionate about LGBT rights in Iran.

Director Rick Flynn braving the bright lights and sitting for an interview about his film, Golf Alpha Yankee.

Director Rick Flynn braving the bright lights and sitting for an interview about his film, Golf Alpha Yankee.

A few questions he's going to answer:

Why did he chose to focus on LGBT rights in Iran? Why is this such an important (and underreported) issue? Why should we donate our hard earned cash to his crowdfunding campaign so he can get this film out into the world?


Watch our pitch video when we launch our crowdfunding campaign to find out why Rick Flynn, and the rest of the Golf Alpha Yankee team are passionate about LGBT rights in Iran!

Help Spread the Word!

We are proud to say that over the weekend, during a time span of less than 48 hours, more than 1000 people followed the official Golf Alpha Yankee Twitter account to show their support for LGBT refugees from Iran! Here's a big thank you everyone who followed us! 


Let's keep up the momentum! If you haven't followed us already, please do! If you have, help spread the word about Golf Alpha Yankee to your friends, family!


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New Legislation Introduced in the Senate!

The International Human Rights Defense Act was recently introduced in the Senate!


This new legislation would "direct the Department of State to make preventing and responding to discrimination and violence against the LGBT community a foreign policy priority and devise a global strategy to achieve those goals."


Read more about it on the LGBTQNation website

Happy Father's Day!

 Our hearts go out to all the LGBT refugees from Iran and other countries who can't be with their fathers today because their governments would torture or kill them if they went home. 


Let's end the inequality and injustice.


Happy Father's day to fathers everywhere, gay and straight alike, from the Golf Alpha Yankee team.



Meet the Crew Take Two

Today we’d like to introduce another new member of the quickly growing Golf Alpha Yankee postproduction team. Meet Abby!

Abby will be working as a Postproduction Assistant. She is a rising Junior at Seton Hall University where she double majors in Diplomacy and Communication Studies with a minor in African Studies. While at school she works as a high school debate coach and loves teaching her students about the world. She is passionate about international politics and LGBTQ issues. She can't wait to work on such an extraordinary project!

Also, we’d like to give a shoutout to CondomsNYC. They recently donated 10,000 condoms to the Golf Alpha Yankee movement in support of our upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Keep your eyes peeled for us (and our condoms) at NYC Pride later this month!  Thank you CondomsNYC!

And So It Continues

Rick is officially back in NYC! Despite the culture shock and jetlag that comes with moving back after living in Berlin for almost four years, he’s already hard at work on growing the Golf Alpha Yankee team and putting together the upcoming crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds we need to finish the film and get it out into the world.


Meet some of the newest members to the Golf Alpha Yankee team who were in the office today for a brainstorming session:


Sabrina- Postproduction Assistant

Sabrina is a native of the Bronx and a recent graduate of Lasalle University where she studied Communications, Mass Media and Journalism with a minor in film studies. She’s an equal rights activist who in her spare time enjoys watching vine videos and swimming.


Jorge- Editing Assistant

Jorge grew up in New York City and attended Brooklyn College where he studied film. During his career as a freelance editor he’s worked on short narrative films and documentaries. Instead of drinking coffee to get through a long day of work editing, he channels his inner child and sticks to chocolate milk.

Clarissa- Postproduction Assistant

Clarissa holds a B.A. from Tufts University in International Literary and Visual Studies, and Spanish. After spending much of the past year working as a photojournalist on a story about LGBTI rights in South Africa she felt that Golf Alpha Yankee would be a great transition into the world of documentary filmmaking.

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Official Blog Up and Running!

Golf Alpha Yankee's official blog is up and running.

It won't be long now. We are excited to plow forward toward our summer crowdfunding campaign, to raise finishing and festival funds for this important documentary, giving a vital voice to LGBT people in places where they have none.

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More news coming soon!

-Rick and the Golf Alpha Yankee team